Crytek Drops First Crysis Remastered Trailer for Nintendo Switch

Crytek today dropped the first trailer for Crysis Remastered running on Nintendo Switch.

Despite being delayed on PS4, Xbox One, and PC, Crytek is forging ahead with the Switch release of Crysis Remastered. To prepare for its launch next week, Crytek have released the first trailer for the game running on Switch hardware. The trailer specifically covers all the technical features present in the game, giving us an idea of how Crytek is pushing the platform.

First off, Crysis runs at 720p/30fps, though the trailer never reveals if that’s in docked or portable mode. It also features vegetation bending, destructible environments, dynamic lighting, voxel-based global illumination, light rays and sunbeams, and gyro aiming among other features. Oh, there are also sharks swimming around the ocean. Overall, the game looks good running on Switch based on the trailer. We’ll know next week whether or not it truly holds up.

Crysis Remastered launches July 23 on Switch. No word yet on when the PS4, Xbox One, and PC versions are coming.

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