Cube and Me – A Roguelite RPG with Pets Hits Kickstarter

Every day you’ll find new projects on Kickstarter, but how many combine RPG gameplay with a pet simulator? Cube and Me is one such game with an equally oddball storyline. Protagonist Lyle Dyson is a 22 year old with a dead end job and little hope for his future. Everything changes when he stumbles upon cube-shaped aliens and takes them home.

Cube and Me has two distinct compoents. One of these is focused on pet simulation within the player’s home. Properly taking care of the pet and improving the surroundings in turn increases the cube’s strength. With a powered-up pet you can then enter randomly-generated dungeons to find loot and fight monsters.

So far Cube and Me has only been confirmed for PC but ports might be down the road. Their $15,000 goal seems achievable, especially since pledges at the $12 tier are promised a copy of the game.