Cube World Still Lives With New Fifteen Minute Gameplay Trailer

There will be a Cube World someday.  The action-RPG was initially was announced in the early days of Minecraft, and after Cube World’s alpha release cranked up the hype a little too high for creator Wolfram von Funck’s comfort it was pulled and development went quiet.  Every once in a while there’s a new screenshot, maybe ten or so dumped in batches twice a year, but it’s just enough to let the people who paid for the game to know things are still ticking away.  It may not be an ideal situation but the game is coming and we just have to be patient.

Maybe not all that patient, though.  Today saw the biggest info release since the alpha launch in the form of a sixteen minute gameplay video.  The video shows a huge amount of updates and new systems, with plenty of meat for hungry fans to gnaw on.  The trailer starts with the creation of an undead mage, then jumps from one scene to another as he explores the region and undertakes quests found along the way.  Some are far too tough for a low-level mage while others just take a little extra planning to survive, but as he travels the mage finds more equipment, gains an animal companion, activates shrines that give him more power while he’s in that region, and uses a map that’s pure cartological sexiness.  It’s a huge amount of detail, and while the video in no way promises any kind of release date it’s a good indication that things are stable and have advanced nicely.  Cube World won’t come out today and tomorrow seems deeply unlikely too, but it’s alive, active, and the updates show it living up to the promises of 2013’s alpha.