Cuisine Royale Brings All-Kitchen Warfare to Xbox One This Year

Darkflow Software and Gaijin Entertainment have announced that Cuisine Royale will be making its way to Xbox One in 2019.

The ‘all-kitchen warfare’ MMO shooter has already arrived on Xbox Insider Hub for a limited number of users to try out ahead of its release.

While Cuisine Royale has a battle royale theme at its core, it adds its own unique — and quirky — twist to it.

Players must use ordinary cooking utensils as part of their body armor, whether that means utilizing a colander as head protection or a wok as a breastplate.

According to the Latvia-based studio, the free-to-play title boasts the “most honest system for loot boxes.”

Unlike more traditional loot boxes — where actual money needs to be spent — these ones are placed all over the battlefield and are free to open.

Darkflow Software says that the content in each box is “well labeled” and will 100 percent drop the item that is stored away in it.

“Don’t be fooled by the kitchen utensils or the bunny slippers, gameplay-wise Cuisine Royale is the most realistic battle royale experience you can have on your PC, and now it’s coming to Xbox One this year,” says Alexander Polyakov, the senior producer at Darkflow Software.

“We are putting out a call to arms to all Xbox players worldwide. Players can test out the game right now on Xbox Insider Hub.”