Prepare to Worship Cult of the Lamb on August 11

Last year during Gamescom, Devolver Digital and developers Massive Monster announced Cult of the Lamb, a roguelike action/adventure game where you play as a sweet little lamb gleefully building up a massive cult in order to satisfy their dark lord. It looked pretty impressive back then, and when it was shown off at PAX East earlier this year, it apparently had several folks raving about it, as this appears to be one cult worth getting sucked into. So one can expect more than a few cries of “Hallelujah!” now that the game’s release date has been announced at Devolver’s Marketing Countdown to Marketing today, accompanied by the new trailer below.

The new clip features our happy little woodland critters going about their happy little lives in happy little bit of animation, happily burying bodies in the background before casually revealing the game’s release date: August 11. We then get another look the gameplay as we see our protagonist managing the compound, battling otherworldly horrors, and even falling in love. It all looks damn impressive, and we can;t wait to check out Cult of the Lamb in full when it comes out on August 11 for all major platforms.