Cuphead Makes Jump to Full Netflix Animated Series

Pop quiz: What do Cuphead and Castlevania have in common? Aside from being two memorable and challenging 2D action games, the two will now be standing side by side in your Netflix queue as well. Studio MDHR have announced today that they will be teaming up with Netflix Animation and King Features for The Cuphead Show, a full long-form animated series on Netflix. After selling over three million copies and winning several awards for their 2017 hit action game, to say that this represents another big achievement for MDHR would be an understatement.

The Cuphead Show is described as focusing on the misadventures of Cuphead and Mugman, while expanding upon the world and the characters of the game as well. Naturally, the new series is still going to draw heavy influence from Fleischer cartoons of the 1930s, and if one of your first thoughts was that this setup sounds similar in style and tone to the recent Mickey Mouse animated shorts, that you might not be surprised to learn that Dave Wasson, who directed a number of those shorts, will be a producer here. This also marks one of the first original projects for King Features’ animation division, after decades of managing comics with the likes of Popeye and Felix the Cat.

As the show is still in the earliest stages of production, we still don’t have a lot of concrete details yet (such as the official length and format, ongoing plots, et cetera), but this certainly is an exciting new move for the franchise, so it should be interesting to see if everyone involved can properly do the world of Cuphead justice. Expect more details on The Cuphead Show to be revealed over the following year, so stay tuned.