Curious Expedition Heads to Consoles, Sequel Receives Early Access

The incredible voyage of Curious Expedition starts a new journey on consoles later this year. Fans of the adventure/exploration genre will find a home in this rogue-like expedition sim set during the late 19th Century. Explore ancient structures and search for hidden treasures to become a famed and recognized explorer of the time. Curious Expedition features ways for players to experience their very own procedurally-generated story to make every playthrough unique. Along with distinct challenges and various difficulties, Curious Expedition has something for every level of player.

With this news of Curious Expedition coming to consoles, Curious Expedition 2 has been announced for Early Access on Steam. This new adventure will serve as a follow up to the first game with all new features like an HD graphic novel style, deeper travel and combat mechanics, along with updated procedural generation. Curious Expedition 2 will also feature completely new multiplayer modes which have yet to be detailed

While no hard release dates have been announced, players can look forward to both these titles in 2019.