Curse of the Sea Rats Brings Multiplayer Metroidvania Action to PCs in 2023

There are many Metroidvanias on the market, but none of them stand out by having a rat as the main character and seemingly just as few use a hand-drawn art style. With a variety of four different characters to play as with different skillsets, players will find a play style to enjoy. If you want a short-range affair, then Bussa may work best while those wanting a longer-range combat system may want to use Akane’s large staff and water-based skills.

Couch co-op allows players to team up and tackle tougher foes, while a skill tree allows you to feel an never-present growth in your characters. The hand-drawn art style looks absolutely gorgeous in stills and shines even brighter in motion. We’ll be checking out the game soon in a preview, and we’ll be able to shed some light on how close it comes to fulfilling its potential when it launches on PC in early 2023.