Cursed to Golf Receives New Overview Trailer

Chuhai Labs’ Cursed to Golf seemed like quite the unique title when it was first revealed a few months ago, mixing together 2D golf games with roguelikes and a tale about a bizarre version of the afterlife. And while the trailer back then did a good job at explaining the basics you need to know about the game, the Recent Thunderful World showcase has provided a brand new overview trailer that goes into more detail about a few things, which you can check out below.

The focus this time around, though, is mainly on the Ace Cards. These are power-ups used to manipulate your ball and give you an advantage when getting around obstacles, such as being able to have your ball phase through walls or change direction mid-flight, among other things. You purchase these cards from the spirits of legendary caddies in the Eterni-Tee golf stores, who also have additional trials that can grant you even more skills, and thus help our hero get one step further to getting out of Golf Purgatory. Cursed to Golf is set to come out in 2022 for PC and consoles, and should hopefully be another impressive twist on the sport.