Custom Angry Birds Pinball Machine Up for Sale

Sure, there’s Angry Birds games, shoes, temporary tatooos, binders, folders, t-shirts, keychains, pencil toppers, plushies, action figures, candy, speakers iPhone cases and a movie, but what the world really needs is an Angry Birds Pinball. That’s exactly the thought of eBay seller “schmoo08” who built a one-of-a-kind custom Angry Birds Pinball machine.

The cabinet is complete with custom paint, backglass, playfield, sound effects and figures inside of the machine. A button on the bottom of the cabinet toggles through five different Angry Birds soundtracks or silent mode. For a do-it-yourself project, it looks incredibly professional; the sort of thing where you might assume it was the real deal upon seeing a photo.

The cabinet was orginally a “Silverball Mania” machine, but it’s nearly indigustiable to all but the most ardent pinball fans at this point. Check out a video below which shows the table being played, complete with adorable oinking noises when targets are hit. Those interested in owning it should head over to eBay, where it currently sits at a little over a grand with four days to go. Not bad considering The Hobbit pinball will cost $7,500.