Cyber Shadow Gains Story Trailer, Fall Release Window

First revealed at last year’s PAX East, Mechanical Head’s upcoming action-platformer Cyber Shadow was clearly designed to evoke NES classics such as the Ninja Gaiden games. What helped make the Ninja Gaiden games stand out, though, was their use of cinematics to tell a story, something many games at the time didn’t have. And as such, now we have a trailer for the game that shows off a bit of its cinematics and story and provides a release window, along with a good chunk of action to boot.

Going by the trailer, our hero will be teaming up with a few friends for their upcoming battle, assisting them along the way…and possibly battling them as well. But while the cinematics alone don’t show off much of the game’s world where synthetic lifeforms have taken over, the gameplay footage delivers more in that area. Tons of enemies, massive, detailed bosses, and classic NES action action with a modern twist. It should be a blast, and we’ll see if that’s the case when Cyber Shadow comes out this Fall for all major platforms, including Xbox Game Pass for both Xbox and PC.

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