CyberPowerPC Unveils Unique KINETIC Desktop Tower Design

Looking for new ways to innovate desktop chassis for computer builds, CyberPowerPC has unveiled a new technology that is thinking outside of the box. At CES 2022, CyberPowerPC has unveiled its KINETIC desktop chassis. Kinetic architecture is used in building architecture to allow for moving parts when necessary. CyberPowerPC is implementing this into the front of these cases to allow air flow when needed as the parts move by themselves. The parts are 18 individual vents that articulate necessary air flow based on the individual temperature of the chassis at any given point.

The KINETIC series will be offered in both black and white and will accommodate radiators up to 360mm while offering space for an additional 120mm when needed. The case supports full ATX motherboards along with seven 120mm fans or five 140mm fans. These cases will begin shipping in Q3 2022 with a MSRP of $249.99. You can check out a breakdown of the KINETIC series and the trailer below.

KINETIC Chassis Key Features

·         CyberPowerPC exclusive patent pending kinetic design.

·         18 Individually actuating vents that adjust in real time to ambient case temperatures.

·         Maximizes airflow and cooling case temps are high.

·         Reduces noise and dust when case temps are low.

·         Temperature sensor ranges can be adjusted to fit your needs.

·         Available in both black and white mid-tower options.