Cyberpunk Casanova is a Dystopian Dating Sim

What’s up with all these dating sims based around typical old high school and college life? Well, it’s familiar. Those tired of familiar old things may want to check out Cyberpunk Casanova.

Unlike most visual novels, you’re not playing as a nobody either. Protagonist Enzo is the son of a rich and powerful family. This all changes one day when his family teaches him a lesson by stripping of him all his money to see what it’s like to live as an everyday citizen.

Enzo explores his surroundings, meets a variety of colorful characters, and gets himself in tons of danger. There are currently eight routes planned for Cyberpunk Casanova, but more may be added if the Kickstarter reaches its second stretch goal. They’re looking to raise $8,000 in total as well as get on Steam.