Daemon x Machina: Prototype Missions Showcase a Blend

Daemon X Machina was first shown off at E3 in 2018, and since then, it has become one of the Switch’s most-anticipated exclusives. Developed by Marvelous and published by Nintendo, this combines fast action with giant mechs to provide a stunning blend of genre conventions. You’re in a small mech suit with a giant gun and the ability to slice anything in your sight. With a hard rock soundtrack, it gets your blood pumping from the moment it starts, and later today, you can try it out for free. A set of prototype missions are set for release and show off regular smaller-scale action alongside a single boss battle.

The full game releases at some point in 2019, but just because what we’re seeing here is playable, doesn’t mean Marvelous thinks their job is done. Select players will receive an e-mail survey to provide feedback on the game, and they are welcoming feedback via social media as well. It’s an interesting and forward-thinking approach to welcome feedback and outside opinions, and one that should help the game gain some positive word of mouth.