Dance Like the Floor Wants Kill You in Jumpgrid Trailer

It’s really not that hard, honestly.  Get the dots on each junction on a grid, return to the center, escape to the next level.  Making it even easier is that fact that you don’t move between intersections but rather teleport instantly, so the shapes traveling over the grid can only touch you if you either hop right into one or stay still.  Obviously that means screwing up twenty times in a row to restart instantly and try again (and again and again) is a mark of carelessness rather than Jumpgrid being a hyperkinetic modern-art dance party.  Of death.

Jumpgrid is a hyperkinetic modern-art dance party of death where you need to collect all the dots on each intersection of a grid while geometric shapes move in a predictable pattern across the playfield and an upbeat soundtrack blasts away to help keep you moving.  Its apparent simplicity hides a black and twisted heart that loves to see you die but won’t let go until you’ve seen its hidden patterns.  Check out the trailer below to get a sense of Jumpgrid’s simple, colorful, brutal but deeply playable action in advance of its February 12 release.

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