Dark Devotion Gets April 25 Release Date, Provides Gameplay Overview

French developers Hibernian Workshop have clearly been working hard on their upcoming action RPG, Dark Devotion. The tricky 2D title has made some notable impressions so far, and it looks like we’ll see how it fares in full sooner than expected, as Dark Devotion is now set to be released next week. This will notably be the first full release for The Arcade Crew, Dotemu’s division for original titles. And to help set the stage, we now have a gameplay overview for the game, which you can see below.

The video easily establishes the game’s setting, enemies and bosses, importance of mastering combat and item management, and much more. There’s a large amount of variety in several areas, including combat styles, paths to take, and blesses and curses to receive. The latter is particularly notable, given the strong emphasis on faith in the game. Truly, your Templar god will be beneficial as you explore an ancient temple with assistance from the church, right? Right? It won’t let you die to those cosmic horrors, right? We’ll see on April 25 when Dark Devotion comes out for the PC, with PS4 and Switch versions to follow later.