Darksiders Genesis Receives Accolades Trailer

As stated in our review last week, Darksiders Genesis is an amazing and action-packed dungeon crawler, and a breath of fresh air that the franchise needed. We certainly weren’t alone in our opinions, though, as several others have sung the game’s praises as well. So many others, in fact, that the team behind it was able to put together an accolades trailer showcasing the game’s positive reception. As usual, you can check it out the clip below.

As with most accolades trailers, the various quotes are delivered alongside a montage of the game’s action, which looks incredible. Quite notably, though, the quotes used here seem longer than one would typically expect. Then again, given that this is one really damn good game, one could argue that mere one-word blurbs wouldn’t do it justice. Darksiders Genesis is available now on PC and Stadia, and will head to consoles on February 14.