Data Miner Finds References to New Nintendo Hardware, Codenamed Aula

A console hacker and dataminer who goes by the handle SciresM has unearthed code references in the most recent Switch firmware to new hardware with the codename “Aula.” The hardware appears to share the Mariko SoC that comes in the Switch Lite, but with a higher clock speed. Discovered references to a Realtek “4K UHD multimedia SoC” led SciresM to speculate that this new hardware may be 4K-capable, though other Twitter users noted in a conversation that the Tegra line the Mariko chip is based on is not sufficiently powerful for 4K gaming. 

The information, which was cross-posted to ResetERA forums by user stealthyfrog, seems to indicate also that the tablet portion of the system will feature an OLED screen, though won’t likely feature a higher resolution than the current Switch, un-docked, leading SciresM to speculate that the 4K hardware will be in the new dock. Additionally, thanks to significantly-improved cooling and power consumption that comes with the Mariko SoC, they believe it is possible that Nintendo will achieve greater performance by boosting clock rates when needed.

As always, these code references should be taken with a grain of salt – nothing is confirmed, though they certainly line up with rumors that Nintendo will be updating the Switch soon. SciresM is a dev working on the Atmosphére custom Switch firmware. Stay tuned for more as Hardcore Gamer follows this developing story!

Sources used: PC Mag, bestgamingpro