Dawn of Fear Conjures 1990’s Survival Horror Nostalgia

Dawn of Fear has been announced by Sony Interactive Entertainment of Spain as the game will be heavily inspired by the original Resident Evil and Silent Hill titles. Dawn of Fear is also part of the PlayStation Talents Initiative as it was developed at the Valencia PlayStation Games Camp by Brok3nsite. You will play as Alex, a troubled young boy with an obscure past, returns home to find that his stepmother has been using dark forces to call upon an army of creatures from the underworld.

The time period is, ironically, the 1990’s and the players will collect clues, solve puzzles and take on zombies and reapers. The game consists of fixed camera angles and limited resources to further push that 1990’s survival horror feel. This PS4-exclusive will be available on February 3 on the PlayStation Store. Check out the trailer below.