Dead Cells Announces The Bad Seed DLC

Well, Dead Cells is still one of the most popular roguelikes out there, having racked up loads of acclaim in the past couple of years. And going into 2020, they clearly show no signs of slowing down. With the additional assistance of developers Evil Empire, new DLC for Dead Cells, dubbed The Bad Seed, has now been unveiled, coming early next year. And with two new biomes, new weapons, new enemies, a new boss, and more, it may easily be one of their biggest expansions yet.

As the title may suggest, this new content sees players heading into greener pastures. Specifically, we have The Arboretum and The Swamp as our new biomes. The former is a lush paradise filled with adorable yet deadly creatures, like the poor bastards seen in the teaser below. The latter, meanwhile, is an overgrown settlement filled with massive tick creatures and more offensive inhabitants in general. Conquer these, and your rewards include the game’s first double slot weapon, as well as a mushroom companion of your own, among other things.

The Bad Seed will actually be the first paid DLC for Dead Cells, carrying a cost of $4.99 USD. Motion Twin has stated that this will not be the end of free content and updates, though. Revenue from content like this will simply go towards the ability to expand the core game even further. The Bad Seed is due out for Dead Cells in Q1 2020, and certainly looks intriguing enough to check out.