Dead Island 2 Removed from Steam

Dead Island 2 has been removed from Steam, the latest stumble in the game’s troubled development.

Dead Island 2’s development has not been going well. Original developer, Techland, left the franchise after Dead Island: Riptide to partner with Warner Bros. for a different open-world zombie game, Dying Light. Dead Island 2 was given to Yager Development, whose contract was terminated by publisher Deep Silver over a year ago. Two months ago Deep Silver officially announced that LittleBigPlanet 3 developer Sumo Digital would develop the game. Dead Island 2’s woes continue today, as the game has been removed from Steam.

Neogaf user¬†DeathSparks spotted the¬†removal. A quick search on Steam confirms that Dead Island 2 is no longer there, however the original Dead Island and Riptide remain. The game’s Steam database entry remains, but all references to Dead Island 2 have been removed. We only know that the database was previously called ‘Dead Island 2.’

So, does this mean that Dead Island 2 is cancelled? It’s possible, but nothing is official until Deep Silver or Sumo Digital make an announcement. There’s the possibility that Dead Island 2 still lives, but is way different from what was announced at E3 2014. Deep Silver may be planning to re-reveal the game with Sumo Digital’s new vision. For that, they may have needed to get rid of the original Steam Page. With a new developer there’s always a chance that Dead Island 2 may go in an entirely new direction.

We’ll let you know should Deep Silver or Sumo Digital make an announcement about the future of Dead Island 2.