Dead Island 2 Still in Development, Information Coming at a ‘Later Stage’

Dead Island 2 is apparently still in development, though details remain vague.

Dead Island was a surprise hit for publisher Deep Silver, so there wasn’t much shock that they wanted to pursue a sequel. However, after original developer Techland left to create Dying Light, it was up to the publisher to find a new developer, and so they did. At E3 2014, Deep Silver announced Dead Island 2 with Yager Developement (Spec Ops: The Line) creating the game. Six years later and the game has all but disappeared from the radar after numerous issues and changed developers. No one knew what was going on until a few days ago.

On July 4, Deep Silver out of nowhere announced Dead Island: Survivors for iOS and Android devices. Confused, fans took to the official Dead Island Twitter feed to figure out what is going on. Deep Silver replied confirming that Dead Island 2 is still in development, but weren’t ready to divulge any details:

Dead Island 2’s development has been a rocky one. Set in California, the game would have followed our heroes as a new outbreak hit American shores. Originally in development over at Yager, Deep Silver would eventually end the partnership and hand development reins to Sumo Digital. Sumo is currently working on Crackdown 3, which has its own host of development issues. Hopefully, we’ll hear more about Dead Island 2 real soon.

Dead Island 2 is slated to release on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.