Deadness is Bringing Its Immersive Horror to Steam Soon

An indie studio ALIEN will be bringing a new horror/thriller title to the Steam in Q1 of this year. Dubbed “Deadness,” the VR horror title will offer a new twist on the horror experience by confining its players to a wheelchair as they journey through its nightmarish spaces. One one hand, it could be gimmicky. One the other hand though, this limitation could very well add an extra helping of tension to the situation. Take a moment and have a look at it in action.

As one might expect, Deadness is the sort of horror game wherein the player cannot actually fight back against the terrors stalking them. All they can do is try their best to flee the danger and hide until it passes. This alone already tends to ratchet up the fear in these sorts of games, so the added awkwardness of having to wheel oneself around could actually compliment it nicely. As for the scenario, ALIEN has only revealed the basics: the character awakens one day to find themselves confined to a wheelchair in a ghastly place. Their goal: get out alive.

Again, Deadness launches for Steam in Q1 of this year and supported devices include the Vive and the Valve Index.