Amazon Fire TV Gets Limited-Time $84 Sale

The Amazon Fire TV has gotten a “boatload” of new apps, so Amazon is celebrating by knocking the normally $100 device down to $84. This is a limited-time offer, but isn’t listed as a daily deal, so perhaps it will run until the end of the wee — although it will likely be a 2-day deal.

If you’ve been thinking about getting a Fire TV, now is the time to get one as it’s never been cheaper. Gaming-wise, it has some impressive games like Minecraft,  a ton of Sonic games, the Asphalt series, and a lot of Gameloft offerings outside of Asphalt as well. If you’re curious about what Android systems can do, then getting one wouldn’t be a bad move since it does have an exclusive game in Sev Zero, which is one more than the Mad Catz MOJO.