Amazon Says Farewell To Feb. With Huge PC Download Sale

Amazon is celebrating the end of the month with a massive sale on downloadable PC games. Over 800 games are on sale during this promotion, among them are franchise and game packs. The Tomb Raider Experience pack gives you four games in the series for $13.50, while the Chaos A Plenty pack gives you the Just CauseĀ  and Kane and Lynch games long with two Conflict games and Project: Snowblind for $18.50. Deus Ex: Human Revolution’s Augmented Edition goes down to $10 while a bundle of LA Noire Complete and GTA IV: Complete only costs $20 – a mere $5 more than just GTA IV: Complete on its own. Enter the coupon code CAGROCKS to take 25% off of the already massively-discounted prices and bid the month of February goodbye with a ton of gaming fun.