Sells eBay Bundle of PS4 With Killzone and Knack For $450

If you’re interested in getting a PS4 and also want Killzone: Shadow Fall, then you’re looking at spending $460. Thanks to’s ebay sale, you can get that combination for $15 less and get Knack as well. While Knack isn’t an awful game, it isn’t very fun, and falls into that Blinx level of platformer that so desperately wants to feel like a big deal on new hardware but can’t live up to that. Still, you get the system’s only exclusive FPS and one of its best-looking games. Knack is at least fun if you’ve got kids around, and is worth playing to at least see how the system’s power can benefit a platformer. This isn’t as good a deal as recent Xbox One bundles with Titanfall, but it’s a solid value for a next-gen system.