Celebrate Capcom’s 30th Anniversary With Massive Steam Sale

Capcom’s 30th year comes at a time when the company has a less than ideal relationship with its long-term fans, but the Steam sale allows you to play some of its best games for a discount. A big daily deal will be made available, with today’s being Super SF IV Arcade Edition for $7.50, and a ton of other games getting 40-75% discounts. The biggest must-buys here include Bionic Commando: Rearmed for $2.50, Devil May Cry 4 for $5, RE 5 for $5, a bundle with Super SF IV Arcade Edition and SFxT for $22, Lost Planet Colonies for $5, and Dark Void Zero for $1.24. You may be tempted to buy Dark Void for $2.50, but it’s honestly not good and the 8-bit-styled prequel is a far better overall game. Resident Evil 6 is also only $20, but will likely be discounted further fairly soon. DmC is $25, and is worth $25 more than RE 6 is worth $20, but also also feels like a game due for a massive sale price soon.