E3 2014: Canadian Retailers Offer Fantastic Pre-Order Deals

Canadian gamers have had a rough time of it these last few months. Prices have shot up on games as our dollar loses value against America, and the PS4 has gone up a full fifty bucks due to the same issues. But for today, we do have a leg up on our neighbours (feels good to have an excuse to type in PROPER english for once) to the south in terms of game value.

Amazon, Future Shop and Best Buy are all offering deals in celebration of E3, allowing you to take a significant chunk out of the price of your games if you pre-order in batches of three or more. Futureshop is offering 20 dollars off titles valued 70 dollars or more (lower-priced games offer less significant discounts) while Best Buy and Amazon will take 30% off your order if you pre-order three games or more.

Of the three retailers, Best Buy has the best selection of games, including titles with no official release date like Xenoblade Chronicles X. They also have the fastest shipping, at least in theory. In practice I find Amazon often surprises me with same-day delivery, but that’s a bit of a crapshoot. At any rate, you’ll be able to snag some fantastic upcoming titles for 45 dollars or less, from Smash Bros. to Splatoon. This is also a great way to snag pre-order bonuses at a lower price, such as the awesome Tarot card set from Persona 4 Ultimax and Persona Q.