F-Zero Released on Wii U VC Trial Service For 30 Cents

It’s that time again — a new Wii U Virtual Console release is out, so make sure to charge and dust off your Gamepad! The SNES classic F-Zero can now be yours for a mere 30 cents until March 21. That gives you plenty of time to reignite your love for the game, and listen to the tremendous soundtrack as well. F-Zero was one of the four games my late mother bought for me when I got the system for Christmas in either ’91 or ’92 and it’s held up remarkably well with time. Despite a lack of modes, there’s still a lot of challenge here, and the track design remains some of the best of the 16-bit era. It’s a definite must-buy at 30 cents, and one of the best game being made available as part of this VC Trial promotion.