Fable 3 Free on Xbox Live Marketplace

If you’re a gold member on Xbox Live, then you can get Fable III absolutely free on Xbox.com. Just go there, check out the bottom of the page where it says “download to Xbox 360” and change the payment method from your default card/Paypal account to Microsoft points. While it might show up as free without doing that, it’s best to do this since everyone has had success with the MS point method. Confirm the purchase and send it to your 360. The game takes over 5GB of storage space, so it will take quite a while to download.


Fable III received mixed reviews, but for free, it’s impossible to not at least give it a chance. One has to wonder just why it’s free right now, and I think the easiest and most likely answer involves building up Fable’s HD remastered version. It doesn’t hurt that this also keeps in line with MS’s recent store sale that let you get $15 in MS points for $5 thanks to promo codes, or that it’s right before E3 when they want to build up as much goodwill as possible before an event that could make or break their futureĀ  – at least for the next year or two.

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