Fanatical Build Your Own All-Stars Bundle 3 Now Available

A third Fanatical build your own all-stars bundle is now available, and offers a wide variety of gaming options for minimal cost. $1 gets you one game, $2.99 gets you five games, and $4.99 gets you ten games out of the listing available – making this a top-tier value. Leisure Suit Larry Part 1-7 and Magna Cum Laude, Sorcery!, TT: Isle of Man, WRC 7, The Pit, V-Rally 4, Tropico 4, Geometric Sniper, AVICII Invector, Autonauts, Do Not Feed the Monkeys, Geometric Sniper, Close to the Sun, GRIP, Beholder 2, Gas Guzzlers Extreme, Party Hard, Shadowgrounds Pack, This Strange Realm of Mine, and AI WAR.

There is a lot of variety here between the top-shelf racing games, the gorgeous and fun to listen to AVICII Invector, as well as unique experiences like Party Hard. The Leisure Suit Larry bundle is a stellar value here and that alone gets you eight actual games for $1. There is a surprisingly high amount of great games offered up here, and if you’ve wanted even a single game offered, it’s available at a must-buy price.