Fanatical Build Your Own All-Stars Bundle Now Available

A new Fanatical bundle is available that allows folks to build a variably-priced bundle of games for a great price depending on the amount of games you buy. For $1, you can get one game, for $2.99, you can get five games, and $4.99 gets you 10 of the available games. The game lineup is diverse, and includes Deadly Premonition, Homeworld, ’80s Overdrive, Steamworld Dig, Beholder 2, Syberia 3, Close to the Sun, Brutal, Brawlout, Bunker Punks, Call of Juarez, God’s Trigger, Alchemy Garden, Train Valley, Bholder, RATZ, and Scrap Garden.

’80s Overdrive is a real standout deal here – that’s one of the Switch’s best racing games and I honestly had no idea that it even got a Steam release until this bundle. The Switch release was a riot and getting it on PC enables you to have more controller options than the Switch. If you have an SN30 Pro+ from 8bitdo, it controls perfectly with it on the Switch and that should carry over perfectly to the Steam release too. Otherwise, Steamworld Dig is a blast and Brawlout offers up some Smash Bros.-esque thrills with indie fighters, while Deadly Premonition offers some creepy thrills with some rough edges alongside it.