Fanatical Guardian Bundle 3 Now Available

The third Fanatical Guardian Bundle is now available and it offers up a variety of game styles across several price points. The $1 tear gets you Comedy Night, Shift Happens, and Papo & Yo- enabling players to have some funny stuff, action, and co-operative puzzle-platforming for next to nothing. For $3.99, you can get all of those alongside Dungeons 3, The Uncertain, We the Revolution, Fallback Uprising, Insomnia, and 3000th Duel. The third tier is $5.99 and gets you those games alongside Afterparty, Book of Demons, and SENSE: A Cyberpunk Ghost Story. Sense and Afterparty are narrative-driven adventure games, with Sense being heavily-inspired by Clock Tower and featuring a gorgeous neon-soaked world.