Fanatical’s All Stars X Bundle Offers Up 10 Games for $2

Fanatical has become known as the go-to place for fairly regular bundles at cutrate prices – and the All Stars X Bundle is one of their best. For a mere $2, you get Chroma Squad, Skullgirls, Deadlight, Mad Games Tycoon, Replica, The Way, Wick, 12 is Better Than 6 Game, The Uncertain Episode 1, and Infectonator: Survivors. This gives you a mixture of fast action in the form of Skullgirls alongside some survival-based aciton with Deadlight and some strategy gaming too. Mad Games Tycoon is one such game, while SRPG fans who grew up loving sentai shows will love Chroma Squad. Repica offers up a point and click adventure game with a modern look, while The Way offers a subdued experience for platforming fans in the vein of Out of This World and Flashback. Those seeking a zombie-themed twist on the twin-stick shooter should check out Infectonator – which blends that genre alongside a 16-bit-esque pixel art style.