Get $10 off Mario Kart 8 at Newegg

Mario Kart 8 is one of the Wii U’s most anticipated releases and can be yours for $50 if you don’t mind waiting a bit for it. The game has no set release date beyond a placeholder at the end of 2014, so you shouldn’t really be in too big a rush to play it anyway. Newegg’s got an active promo code for MK8 that takes the price down to $50 – EMCWXWW229 Using this, and going with free shipping means you could be waiting about a week for the item, but you’ll get it for $50. Given that most Wii U owners don’t even turn it on within an average week, I don’t see that as being too big an issue. If having pristine packaging is your thing, you may want to go elsewhere as we’ve had terrible luck with Newegg packaging things in such a way that they were mangled upon arrival. Fortunately, with this being shipped in a standard DVD-sized case, things should be just fine in a mailer, but it’s worth noting.