GOG Offers Up DRM-Free Warhammer Sale and Free Digital Goodies

Who doesn’t like saving money or getting stuff for free? The Warhammer universe is expansive and has games for over 30 years – and GOG is celebrating with a combination sale and giveaway. The brand-new Mecromunda: Hired Gun is 15% off in this sale, while Blood Bowl 2 is available for only $7.49. Those looking for some classic strategy gaming for minimal money spent may want to get Final Liberation for $1.49, while those wanting something more modern can enjoy Warhammer Quest Deluxe for $4.49.

The digital goodie pack gets you a classic strategy game, wallpapers, a discount on Warhammer merch, and a slew of PDFs – including an art album. There’s a lot to enjoy with the Warhammer series, and it’s rare to see it get such steep discounts like this. Getting them DRM-free is even better and enables them to run without issues offline forever on any machine you own.