Humble Bundle For PC and Android 8 Bundle Launched

The eighth installment of the Humble Bundle For Android and PC is available, and lets you pay what you want for four games, and get two additional ones at a cost of under $4 presently. You can pay what you want for Gemini Rue, Little Inferno, AaaaaAAaaaAAAaaAAAAaAAAAA!!! For the Awesome, and Jack Lumber. GR is an adventure game, while Little Inferno is a burning-things simulator with a combo system. AFTA is a falling stunt show-kinda game, and Jack Lumber is the wood equivalent of Fruit Ninja with bullet time (or would that be axe time)? If you choose to pay more than about $4 now, you’ll get Hero Academy and Anomaly 2.  The former changes up a basic chess board to be a bit more heroic, while Anomaly 2 is a stunning tower defense game. Beyond getting Android versions for everything, you’ll also get PC and Mac downloads, and Steam keys if you pay more than a dollar.