Humble Choice Games for June 2021 Revealed – First GOG Humble Choice Game Included

A new month of Humble Choice games have been unveiled, and it’s a pretty strong and diverse lineup. June’s monthly games are a healthy mix, with Civilization VI Platinum Edition, Secret Neighbor, Stubbs the Zombies, Worms Rumble – Legends Pack, Going Under, Panzer Paladin, Milky Way Prince, Desolate, Ikenfell, Paw Paw Paw, Effie, and Disjunction being available. For the first time I can recall, one game is GOG-only in Disjunctin, which means that you won’t get a Steam key, but will get a GOG copy that is DRM-free and you can just add that EXE to your Steam library to play it off of Steam if you’d like.

Civ VI is classic strategy at its finest, while Secret Neighbor is creepy stealth and Stubbs offers up some goofy third-person action. Worms Rumble is a hilarious and exciting side-scrolling shooter, while Going Under is a goofy 3D rogue-lite. Panzer Paladin is an underrated gem as a 2D side-scroller, with heavy OG Vania vibes and giant mechs! Desolate is a creepy first-person horror game, while Ikenfell is one of the most charming and inclusive RPG experiences in recent memory. Paw Paw Paw is a visually-impressive brawler, while Effie is a 3D adventure with a charming art style and lush visuals that mixes in platforming, combat, puzzles, and even racing to stay fresh. Disjunction is a 2D overhead action-stealth game that rewards careful movement with fast kills and combos – offering a mix of the best of stealth and the most rewarding parts of action games.