Humble Crescent Moon Games Mobile Bundle Released

The Humble Bundle folks have teamed with Crescent Moon Games to craft a brand-new mobile bundle. You can whatever you want for Space Chicks, 2-Bit Cowboy, Neon Shadow, and Ravensword: Shadowlands. This gives you a mix of platforming, action platforming, FPS, and large-scale RPG gaming for next to nothing if you so desire. Paying more than the average of $7 presently gets you Topia World Builder, Shadow Blade, Mines of Mars, and Blocky Roads. Spending $1 more gets you The Deer God and Exiles: Far Colony in alpha form. Additionally, those paying more than the average will also get bonus content when a certain amount of revenue is reached. At $100,000, Siegecraft Defender was unlocked and six more bonus items are set to unlock with some also having Steam keys. Since the tippy-top bundle is only about $1 more than the average, you might as well just get that if anything in the beat the average tier interests you. Everything in the pay what you want tier is worth checking out, so at least throw a few bucks at this and get some new games in the process.