Humble New Couch Classics Bundle Available

A new humble bundle is available focusing on couch co-op games – and it’s got a lot of heavy-hitters available at  a very attractive price point. The $1 tier features Door Kickers: Action Squad, while beating the average of about $8 gets you Ultimate Chicken Horse, Nine Parchments, and 20XX. Finally, for $10 or more, you get all of those games alongside biped, Wargroove, and Lethal League Blaze – offering a ton of different kinds of games.

20XX is a wonderful Mega Man X-like rogue-lite, while Nine Parchments will scratch the Diablo III itch nicely. Anyone seeking a new, tougher Advance Wars will love Wargroove, while the whole bundle’s mix of fast-paced games and strategic ones keeps you hooked on something different with each game offered up. The $10 tier is a great value overall and it’s hard to find another bundle available with this kind of variety.