Indie Gala Deep Silver Jumble Bundle Now Available

The Indie Gala bundles have been around for quite some time – but we’ve never seen one of their bundles named humble, until now. The Deep Silver Jumble Bundle is now available. This lets you pick between a variety of games and save by buying more. You can choose between Sacred 2 Gold, Risen 3, Lost Horizon 2, Escape Dead Island, Saints Row the Third, Saints Row: Gat out of Hell, Risen 2, Killer is Dead, Ryse: Son of Rome, Sacred 3, and Saints Row IV. You can select three games to pay only $10.99, while buying five games will only set you back $12.99. For the Saints Row games alone, this is a solid value, and Ryse being included is nice too since that’s a graphical showcase and one that doesn’t go on sale very often.