Indie Royale Chosen Bundle Released

Indie Royale’s Chosen Bundle was just released and includes a handful of intriguing titles. Hard Reset Extended is a gorgeous future-set FPS, while Jolly Rover is an adventure game starring a pirate dog and some lush visuals. Vertex Dispenser is a strange-looking, but intriguing RTS game, while DLC Quest is a fun, but super-short gag game. Lair of the Evildoer is an overhead shooter with a fairly charming visual style. $4.15 gets you all of the games, plus OSTs for Jolly Rover and Hard Reset Extended, which comes with an artbook as well, and some DLC for Vertex Dispenser. Pay $8 or more to get the O.S.T. Original Soundtrack album from Daniel Capo. Hard Reset looks interesting, and appears to offer up a fairly polished FPS experience, and Jolly Rover should please traditional adventure gamers.

Vertex Dispenser is hard to get a read on from a brief video, but seems like something that’s at least worth trying just to see what it has to offer. DLC Quest is usually a dollar anyway, so that’s not really a great value and while it’s an enjoyable game, it also only takes maybe half an hour to complete. Lair of the Evildoer looks like a fun twin stick shooter/RPG hybrid, but like DLC Quest, only costs a dollar on its own anyway, making it less of a value than something usually included in an indie bundle. Everything included still seems to offer up a worthwhile playing experience though, so for around $4, it’s an easy recommendation to pick up.