Indie Royale Debut Bundle 11 Released

What a crazy day for deals. We’ve had three major bundles released today alone, and now Indie Royale has their eleventh debut bundle available as well. For the current minimum of under $4, you can get Spice Road, 8-Bit Commando, Project Night, Alchemy Mysteries: Prague Legends, Tropical Stormfront, TrapThem, KarBOOM, 99 Waves to Die, and a bonus game that will be unlocked later. Everything in this bundle is available on Desura and is up on the Steam Greenlight program as well. Should the games be greenlit, you’ll get Steam codes for them as well.┬áThis bundle gives you a blend of shooting, RTS, platforming, and racing for a low price point, so if anything in it interests you, get it now while it’s super-cheap.