Indie Royale Evolved Bundle Launches

It’s been a while since we’ve had a new Indie Royale bundle, and the latest one features a fine mix of fun-looking games. For a bit over $5 presently, you’ll get the stunning-looking platformer Unmechanical, The Path, a third-person adventure RPG that delivers some stunning visuals, a nice-looking RPG in Krater, with Sugar Cube: Bittersweet Factory looking like an enjoyable platformer with a flip-panel art design that helps it stand out to. OIO adds another platformer to the mix with a distinct stripe-heavy art style. Along with your purchase of the games, you’ll also get OSTs for The Path, Krater, and Sugar Cube, while those who pay $8 or more will get Slipstream’s “Cold Storage” album. If you’re into platformers, this looks like the bundle for you, and all of the ones featured here seem to make it worth the $5-ish minimum.