Kalypso Publisher Sale Hits Green Man Gaming

Kalypso has put out a ton of stuff on PC, and now Green Man Gaming has a 24 hour sale on their catalog.

  • Sine Mora – $1.99
  • Rise of Venice – $4.99
  • Alien Spidy – $1.99
  • Airline Tycoon 2 – $3.99
  • Disciples III Gold Edition – $5.99
  • The Dark Eye: Demonicon – $7.99
  • Skydrift – $1.99

This is a fairly limited sale in terms of scope, but it still has some great buys. Sine Mora is well-worth its $2 price tag – as is Alien Spidy. SkyDrift is a blast, and something that anyone wanting a bit of modern-day dogfighting should buy. There’s a ton of DLC on sale too, so if you get a few things here, check out the DLC too at a heavily-discounted rate.