Midweek Madness Hits Tomb Raider Franchise and Abyss Odyssey

Midweek madness sales are usually good, but they’re rarely this good. For $7.49, you can get Abyss Odyssey or a two-pack for $12.49 — just a shade under the game’s usual price of $15 for one copy. The biggest deal involves the Tomb Raider franchise, though. The 2013 reboot is only $3.99, while every entry in the series on PC, 11 games in total, can be yours for $15.99.

This collection usually goes for $80, but thanks to the 80% discount you can get everything for less than the basic cost of the reboot.This is the best way to check the series out for anyone with even a remote interest (or even someone that’s watched series history videos by the likes of Kimble Justice).