New Week of Steam Week-long Deals Begin

It’s Monday, which beyond bringing a nasty case of the Mondays, also delivers a slew of deals to gamers on Steam. It’s a horror-heavy week, bringing the price of Primal Fears down to $5 from $10. Both Still Life and Still Life 2 are $2.49 each, or you can buy both games for $3.74 total – a far better overall deal.

Post Mortem is $2.49 down from $10, while the RTS Perimeter 2: New Earth is $3.74 down from $15 – a massive savings for fans of the genre. Zombie Pirates is also $3.74, another big drop from $15, and Resonance, the 16-bit esque adventure game is also 75% off, and goes down to $2.50 from $10. Tales From Space: Mutant Blobs Attack is 50% off, and goes from $8 to $4, Construct 2 is a game-making tool that is free to use, but can be owned and used without any limits forever if you spend $71.39, down from the usual price of $119.

The final offering this week is Postal 2 Complete, offering up a ton of vintage shooting fun for $6 instead of $15, with a 4 pack being made available for $18 instead of $45.