Ninja Gaiden Sigma Plus Available For Free Tomorrow for PS+

Tomorrow’s PSN store update brings with it a slew of deals and a new game for the Vita instant game collection in the form of Ninja Gaiden Sigma Plus. This is the only portable version of the remake of the Ninja Gaiden reboot (got all that?) available, and should please anyone who’s been playing a ton of DmC recently and wants to do some hacking and slashing on the go. It might take some time to adjust to a game without dubstep though, so be prepared for that and a great many ninjas coming to kill you.

Outside of that, Madden 13 will be 30% off for Plus members, allowing them to get it for $30 on the PS3 and about $20 on the Vita, while non-Plus members can get them for $42 and $28 respectively. Gattling Gears and Greed Corp (US and Canada only for this) also go from $5 to $2.50, while Section 8: Prejudice goes from $10 to $5 for Plus members.