Outcast: Second Contact Gets 45% Discount on GOG

The original release of Outlast in 1999 showcased a large, open-world game in a time before they were commonplace. Now, the game has received a modern-day full-on remake with assets rebuilt from the ground-up. The new game is made to look solid for modern setups and brings out the world in ways that could only be imagined before. Second Contact will mark the franchise’s debut on consoles as well, but PC users who want to try the game out now can do so with a massive 45% discount right away on GOG.  This brings the game’s $34.99 price down to $19.24 and you can get it with the original release of the game for $25.23 if you so desire. For anyone seeking some third-person action-adventure thrills, give it a shot – especially if you loved the ’99 release.