OUYA Launches 12-Month All-Access Pass For $60

With the Steam sale over, it seems like game-related savings would be on the downswing, but the folks at OUYA have a surprise. For a limited time, you can get a year-long all-access pass to every game on the OUYA marketplace for $60. This means that for the cost of one new AAA-level game, you can get a slew of OUYA games for the same price. There are some caveats though – this deal only applies to full game unlocks and level packs that are on the marketplace. it doesn’t cover in-app purchases used in top-level games like Soul Fjord, for example.

The idea of an all-access pass isn’t entirely new – OnLive had a limited version of that where you’d get access to dozens of games per month for $10, but it wasn’t a one-time purchase. This gives you the ability to play every game on the system for one year at only $60 – it’s a fantastic value for the higher-end games like the $15 Final Fantasy III, and less of a savings for things in the $3-$5 price range. With the controversy amongst OUYA owners of the free mandate being ended, this is a way to bring that back for all games since everything goes back to being free to try if you get the pass. It’s an interesting way to make a bit of